A scan of a costume/cosplay idea I’ve been tossing around in my head for a while. Doubt I can get it together in time for Halloween, but we’ll see what happens…

I still can’t draw people very well but I suppose that will come with more practice and work. This was enough to capture the main idea of the costume, anyway. As to who it’s a costume of, well…

Princess Luna, My Little Pony. (



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Endeavour’s Final Flight — September 21, 2012

On September 21, I had the opportunity to take a half-day field trip for my school newspaper, the Smoke Signal, to Belmont to see and photograph the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it flew over the Bay on its way from the Golden Gate Bridge to Moffett Field and, eventually, the California Science Center in Los Angeles. One of my pictures ran on the front page of the Smoke Signal the next week. Here it is:

See the full story of our adventure at the Smoke Signal website, here.

Here are some of the other pictures that I liked.

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Solar Eclipse – May 20, 2012

Pics of the solar eclipse!

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Solar Eclipse Preparation – May 20, 2012

This little guy is gonna be helping me watch the solar eclipse in about half an hour. Yep. It’s a pair of binoculars taped/tied to a tripod. I think I’ll name him…Rob.

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Happy New Year! + Astronomy: December 31, 2011 – January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, everybody! Some pictures as the sun sets on 2011…

…and the stars rise on 2012! (Yes, I went out at around 1:00 AM on January 1 to take these. 15-second exposure, F-4.8, ISO 200, and a tripod.)

The Big Dipper:

Polaris! And a dim little dipper…

Taurus, with its “red eye” Aldebaran, and the Pleiades on the right side

Scorpius’s claws on the left, and Libra, I think, on the right

The best for last: Orion, easily recognizable, with Sirius in the lower left. And an airplane as the red line. 😀

Best wishes for 2012!

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Conjunction – December 26, 2011

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Here are some pictures I took of the conjunction of the Moon and Venus shortly after sunset on December 26. I used between 5 and 15-second shutter speed, F16 aperture, 200 ISO, and a tripod, for those of you who might be interested. You can see the “dark side” of the Moon due to an effect called Earthshine, where light from the sun bounces off the surface of Earth and dimly illuminates the rest of the Moon’s surface. Hope y’all enjoy, and please comment!

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Moonrise – September 22, 2011

I drew this way back in September, near the beginning of the school year, and never got around to scanning it (in part because my old Windows XP computer has since then crashed and the scanning software isn’t readily compatible with Windows 7). Here it is now, hope you enjoy! (I guess my inspiration of astronomy shows through a lot; space seems to have been a frequent subject of mine recently :P)

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